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Better Man Program!

A program that works from behind the walls, from the inside-out. Designed for offenders and ex-offender males to help prevent the revolving door of  prison. Accountability is Key for the men in this program. This program gives these men a chance to tap into their untouched potential and helps to provide stability with transitional housing and access to resources that are sometimes scarce to this group of individuals. 

The past does not define the person these men are in the present or whom they can grow to be in the future. Our goal is to be a stepping stone for these men to help them reach their full potential for themselves, their family, and their community! 

Currently, we are able to help with community service hours from sentences and support groups. We are working with a variety of resources to continue to implement this program specifically for the York County (PA) and Gwinnett County (GA) areas. If you would like to be a part of the change and growth of our program, please contact us directly! 

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