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Veterans United!

Women United's goal is to honor our Veterans for the service they gave our Country by providing them with resources and links to services they may not currently be aware of. We aim to provide transitional housing for those with an immediate need, assist with job placement, assist in starting small businesses, career readiness, mental health services, support groups and continue to provide further resources they are in need of. 

Our Veteran Program is overseen by Raymond Wilson, a fully disabled veteran who knows the severity and complexities of transitioning back into everyday life after dealing with traumatic events. He is now a business owner of Prestige Junk Removal and Hauling, a community advocate, and a positive force in his own life and the lives around him! Every day he strives to continue to break barriers many Veterans have a hard time overcoming. 

Our mission is to help Veterans transition back into society, to continue to be a positive force for themselves, their family, and community! 

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